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Why choose Metus ?

  • 4 min read

Today, it seems like everyone wants to be an influencer on social media. With the rise of the gig-economy and the shift to working remotely in the post-pandemic world, the dream of achieving financial freedom by producing and posting photographs, videos, or blogs is very attractive. And the potential is huge.

Being an influencer and making money from your content has become increasingly difficult.
Apart from the great competition, even quality content is not enough to become successful, and to develop a serious business from it.

Hard work and even investment (paying for ads) are not a guarantee of success.
Everything is a numbers game, and for someone who wants to start from scratch, on a major social network, it is almost impossible to beat the algorithm, and you really have to be lucky enough to get noticed by someone bigger and possibly push your content to become more “visible”.

Most of them quickly give up on that, and in addition to the time and money spent, they conclude that it is not very easy and that a lot of factors must coincide in order to develop such a form of business.
However, whether creators are looking to completely cut the cord with their employer or just generate some additional income, they still face one problem.
Regardless of how successful they are in attracting followers, they are still beholden to the platforms that host their work.

In order to make money from content, it’s necessary to rack up a large number of views, and today the only way to do this is by posting it on one of the Big Tech social media platforms, which have a virtual monopoly in this area.
However, this is far from an equal partnership. While these corporate giants rake in huge advertising revenues from the content viewed on their sites, they generally return only a little more than half of it to the people that actually created it.

YouTube takes 45% of the ad revenue generated from views of videos on its platform.
With TikTok, the situation is even worse. While the platform has set up a ‘Creators Fund’ to share revenue, the requirements to qualify for monetization are very steep, and you’re only eligible if you live in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy.

Furthermore, TikTok keeps its revenue sharing formula completely under wraps, so creators have no idea how much money to expect, if they see any at all.

Another big problem for creators is the algorithms that these platforms use to determine what content will be displayed for users. Have you ever noticed that you don’t see a lot of the content from pages that you follow on Facebook?!
This is because Meta decides what you will and will not see in your feed, and its algorithms for deciding this are a classified black box.

Social media platforms can also shadow ban content or prevent it from appearing in search results, depending on their agenda.
You may have noticed that YouTube always suggests certain videos that are either of no interest to you at all, or that reflect a specific point of view on current events.

This is because YouTube’s algorithms are not set solely to propose the most popular or relevant content, but content that meets the approval of Alphabet’s top executives. All of these potential restrictions will naturally affect the number of people that see a creator’s content and, consequently, the amount of revenue they earn from it.

Furthermore, these companies can unilaterally block, restrict, or demonetize content at any time and even delete entire accounts, leaving creators with little or no recourse to protest the ban.

Metus was created for this reason, because we believe that we can give content creators a fair start, and if you are persistent and provide quality content, you can stand out very easily.
At the same time, you can use many tools completely free, because your activity is rewarded, and you can use your activity reward for premium tools (boosting post, ads, blue badge, and much more)
And yes, if you’re active, it’s all completely free.

Monetize yourself with no tricks !