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Bridging The Gap Between Web2 & Web3

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Monetize yourself in 3 simple steps:

Easy registration
Connect with friends
Create Content
Get rewards
Every activity is rewarded

Unleash your creativity & potential

Metus is a community-run SocialFi Network, where each participant can easily monetize their data, and get rewarded for activity. 

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SocialFi Network

The global spread of social networks is one of the most important trends that emerged in the traditional media sphere in the early 2010s.

The key ideological trigger for the development of this direction was the emergence of the concept of creative earnings: anyone can earn money by attracting an audience and creating both professional and non-professional content.


SocialFi On Steroids



The term “social finance” often known as “SocialFi” refers to the fusion of social media with blockchain technology.

Users of the SocialFi platform can make money by creating content, taking part in DAO governance, minting NFT, interacting with other users, enjoying entertainment, and playing games.

Every day, over half the world’s population, spends an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media; however, the attention, interactions, engagement, and generated data are monetized by a few centralized entities and their shareholders.

The current social media landscape is referred to as Web2 – a platform where users are the product, content is king, and centralization is the norm.

Metus is a bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0, so the main goal is to build a solid community of creative people, so that together we can bring social networks to another level.

A level that favors the users themselves, because many users forget that everyone has the right to monetize their data, but most of them give it to central entities voluntarily and for free.

We want to force the main social networks to adopt new technologies, technologies that allow people more freedom, prosperity and that the majority of that “cake” belongs to the people.

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