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Phase 1

The initial phase includes:
Team formation
Business strategy
Launching website
Official documentation

Phase 2

The 2nd phase includes:
Metus App development
Hiring more developers
Early testers in the App 

Phase 3

The 3rd phase includes:
Upgrade official documentation with a new features
Beginning of development of a new product (Metusound)
Big update of Metus App (monetization, a new payment providers integration, new design)
100 early adopters invited to test a new features

Phase 4

The 4th phase includes:
Strategic partnerships
Formation of the Metus Foundation
Forming a second team for the development of a new product (MetusTube)

Phase 5

The 5th phase includes:
Metus AI ultimate assistant (beta)
Metusound private testing
Launch of the Ambassador program
Start of marketing activities on social networks 
Tokenomics and all details about token
Bounty Program (+ early applications for private testing of Metus App (max 1000 participants) 

Phase 6

The 6th phase includes:
Strategic Sale for early birds
Public Sale
Listing (CEX & DEX)
Global marketing
Participants from phase 3 will be invited to register in the App and to claim their NFT and unlock Premium features

Phase 7

The 7th phase includes:
Launching Staking Center and pools
Opening applications for new launchpad projects
Public launch of the Metus App
First project on the MetusPad
Community contest (for tickets)

Phase 8

The 8th phase includes:
NFT Marketplace
Minting Avatars
🪂 in the Metus App
Starting Cashback Program
Invitation for early birds to test Metusound
Public launch Metusound

Phase 9

The 9th phase includes:
Invitation for early birds to test MetusTube
Public launch MetusTube
Native Android/iOS Metus App


The general plan and several phases of how the development of the project will proceed are listed above.
Objectives may not be resolved in that order.
A lot of features and plans are not listed here, so we will probably add new stages in the future.
Some plans must remain secret 🙂